Monday, March 16, 2009

Capella Vs Procyon

Who is stronger? I don't know really, but the good thing I got good friends on both factions, I joined Capella because, I thought they are the good guys... But, being a Procyon does not make a character a bad guy either. These factions are only there because they each have it's own political agenda. Both are not bad nor good, they are there to make Cabal more fun. Speaking of fun... have you gone to the Lake Side with the enemy? My party members are all from the rival group. So I have the time of my life living like a princess just leveling up and grabbing all the loots...never to worry about being attacked by the rival gang hehehe... where are my screenshots? Thank You Spike, Mr. Banana, and CapteinAmerica! To muskeepops, I'm looking forward to have you as a party member in the future....


  1. How come you guys have stopped blogging? what's up with my cowsin's? I posted a new entry at my blog Click Click!

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