Monday, March 16, 2009

Capella Vs Procyon

Who is stronger? I don't know really, but the good thing I got good friends on both factions, I joined Capella because, I thought they are the good guys... But, being a Procyon does not make a character a bad guy either. These factions are only there because they each have it's own political agenda. Both are not bad nor good, they are there to make Cabal more fun. Speaking of fun... have you gone to the Lake Side with the enemy? My party members are all from the rival group. So I have the time of my life living like a princess just leveling up and grabbing all the loots...never to worry about being attacked by the rival gang hehehe... where are my screenshots? Thank You Spike, Mr. Banana, and CapteinAmerica! To muskeepops, I'm looking forward to have you as a party member in the future....

Back to Blogging...Good bye old board, hello Gigabyte!

Hi guys... updates kinda late because final exams was just to important to be ignored, I have to stop playing for awhile... February was one of the great months in my gaming life, a lot happened. I'm just trying to find the right files of the print screen shots, you see my motherboard was busted. My ECS P4-900 M2 cannot take the heat anymore, sob sob...but it died valiantly, together we have taken down lots of monsters, gained als and mostly kicked somebody's ass on PVP matches...

Luckily my Pentium4 631 3.0Ghz still lives together with my Sparkle 8600GT 256MB video card. My setup is kinda old, but it can play Oblivion Elder Scrolls 4 on the the highest detail on 1280x1024 resolution.
The motherboard I'm using right now is from Gigabyte, GA-EG31MF-S2, it has this remarkable specs: Intel® G33 + ICH9R Chipset
  1. Supports Intel® Core™ 2 multi-core and 45nm processors
  2. Dual Channel DDR2 800 for outstanding system performance
  3. Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 (Intel GMA 3100)
  4. Integrated SATA 3Gb/s with RAID function
  5. Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet and IEEE1394
  6. Integrated ALC889A 8-Channel High Definition audio
  7. Ultra durable2 motherboard with top quality highly efficient components
I maybe sounding like a techie, but the manual is there and I copied it all! hehehe

Just looking at the pics you can see that this is much more superior than my old board. More expensive though, the ECS cost me Php2,200 at that time, the Gigabyte cost me Php 3,200.
Which in anyway a good buy.... I can put 4GB DDR2 800 to boost my alt-tab powers... the PCI Express 16X can put Cabal on the highest detail without the dreaded lag.

Myboyfriend was jealous of my new setup hehehe, but he was the one who assembled my new P.C.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Being A Guild Member And Being Loyal.

Having a guild is like having a family to turn to... when somebody bullies you around and makes your blood boil! "Isumbong kay GM!" (Tell it to our GM!) Now being an import for a guild war is also interesting... Joining a guild temporarily just for a guild war quenches the thirst for "hack and slash" galore when your true guild is kinda peaceful. Then, after the fight just let your buddies invite you again after you leave your surrogate guild... I still remain loyal to the guild that loved me since I was a noob. I keep on coming back to where I belong...the AzZKickin Tribe! (the name is kinda lame but...we really kicked ass! Hehehe!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dancing with Mr. Saging

When I'm bored from grinding and doing quests I always chat around... A synchronous dance move can also take the boredom. These were the screen shots taken with Saging, Drake and Polyphemus, they are my good buddies.

Doing the "Gay Dance" (dance2) with the gays hehehe...

DJMards will be furious when he sees this hehehe...

"Excuse me! Mas pogi ako!" DJMards

Here I am with one of my best bud, Drake.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nation War!

Its been my 13th Nation War, being a Capella Blader I feel soft as cotton. It irritates me knowing that only a high level Warrior and a cheapshot Force Blader with an unmovable debuffs will lead me facing the ground. Well, better give my character some upgrades on the armor division, right now I'm looking an osmium armor suit with two slots. At least I will survive multiple blows from a warrior, that is if I can move and do the Dash skill away from my opponent. Some of my "mamaw" (insanely high level players) friends are so skilled, that they always land on top 10 players every Nation War.... advantages of being an addict on Cabal is that it develops your eye and hand coordination, speaking of eye... you must learn to spot your character amidst the horde of players because sometimes I cannot see my character anymore... a quick change of camera angle can fix things up, but you got to be fast or else your character might end up raped! Hehehe. This is not PVP anymore, players may gang-up against you, so you have to be close to your team mates to avoid being pummeled... I'm new yet on blogging, I still need to learn to post pics with lightbox integration with a little bit of HTML editing. Just like this: See
Until next time folks... Ill see you around.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grinding my way to the top

Got to the laundry today, so I just leave my character hacking and slashing the poor training dummy. I wonder if I will do it in real life, I'll be sexier than Angelina Jolie.... speaking which, she won't be Lara Croft on the upcoming Tomb Raider movie... to bad, she was the crush of DJMards.
Well good for him! bleeh! I'll be posting some pics soon, (got none) yet. But maybe after my midterm exams I can be able to.

I'm Tanya

It started as "trip"... then I realized I'm hooked on an online game called "Cabal". Soon I was able to convinced some friends to join the game we considered fun and exciting. I like the game play, the RPG (Role Playing Game) element, the customization of characters, the dancing, (few RPG games can do that) the quests, and mostly the player versus player element, not to mention that I can have the body I was craving. (my character is so sexy) So this blog is for all Cabal addicts like me.... Ill be posting something new here if I'm inspired.
Please send comments... they are welcome.